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Greetings in Jesus wonderful Name! Please note our new addresses. All others will be discontinued shortly so please make a note of this. Our phone numbers remain the same for now.
Christian Riders Ministry
DQ & Beth Roberts
PO BOX 2179
Kernersville NC 27284-2179
Phone: 605-478-0230

The cross country move is complete & we are settling into life back in the south. For those who do not know our history, DQ is originally from Durham, NC. We met in Burlington NC, were married in 1985 and then moved to Florida a year later. We spent 12 years in Florida, 13 in South Dakota & have now come full circle. We know that this move was by GOD’S design & we are thrilled to be following HIS Lead in all things. We have placed our membership with First Christian Church Ministries (FCCM) in Kernersville, NC which has capped our 17 year relationship with this body. They have already been a great blessing to us & we trust that together we will build up the body here with some more motorcyclist & others, too. We spent 2 months in SD packing & sending the trucks back. People from the FCCM and friends came up over Memorial Day & helped with part of the move. (Thanks to Jan & Richard Johnson, Barry ‘Bear’ Bingham, & in June: Pete Kunkle, Dan Hippley & the many, many people that helped unload the trucks in NC.) On June 2 while DQ & I were finishing up a days work, he stepped out to the left dislocating his left hip. This hip was replaced in 2003. He went by ambulance the 3 1/2 hours to Sioux Falls & spent an awful night in pain. The next morning, under anesthesia the hip was put back in the socket. The diagnosis was not what we wanted to hear. He had fallen in the trailer in January & landed on that hip. The fall caused the plastic liner in between the titanium ball & socket to break. This will have to be replaced but his double GI operation must take place first. The hip will not heal properly because of the steroid medicine that he has been on since March for the ulcerative colitis. DQ is wearing a brace when active to keep the hip in the socket. He has been seen at the Cleveland Clinic and we are waiting on a surgery date that will remove the 8” of diseased colon and create a ‘J’ pouch internally. This will be a 2 part operation but will solve his GI problems. We will let you know when we have a date set for surgery. Our goal is to get DQ healthy and fixed back up so we can stay busy impacting the biker community here in the Carolinas and up & down the East Coast.        

We have stayed busy since getting back to NC. Our arrival date of July 4 left us 4 days to reload and be back off to the North America Christian Convention (NACC) in Orlando, Fl. We had a wonderful time sharing the JESUS Bike and what GOD has been doing in and through CRM. We have held 2 motorcycle rides and attended a local bike show. The show was a wonderful day where we were able to share the love of CHRIST with nearly all the people present. The JESUS Bike took 1st place in its category, Judges Choice and Peoples Choice. We also won 2 door prizes. What a day! But the real winners were everyone who drew closer to JESUS.

We have some upcoming events in conjunction with our church’s outreach. We have a meeting to reorganize the JCAMM Motorcycle Ministry this Thursday evening at Java Junkie in Kernersville. A ride is being planned for September 9 that will coincide with FCCM’s 25th anniversary celebration. We plan to have an afternoon ride that will raise money for Sugar’s Van. The ride will end up back on the Church grounds where a 7pm concert with Natalie Grant is planned followed by fireworks. This will be an excellent time to reach out and bring people into the fold. More info will be found on the concert at the churches website: & the run flyer will be posted to the CRM website later this week. These events are important as we establish the ministry here & seek to draw bikers to Christ. DQ has already been making calls with Gene ‘Bones’ Boswell, Lost Souls Ministry, one of our Timothys, & we have seen fruit bore. When we left this area of NC 25 years ago, we were widely known & completely lost. The change in us is so evident to the folks we use to run with & we are seeking GOD on behalf of each one of their souls. Please join us in praying for a great awakening among the biker community & that many will give themselves wholeheartedly to JESUS CHRIST!

We have found a home in Winston Salem, NC & we are so excited. It is a 1935 vernacular colonial farmhouse style on 1/3 of an acre. There is room & the zoning allows for the RV & trailer. The home was updated with a new roof, central heat/air, & electrical before the bank foreclosed on it. Let me say, GOD provided this home for us. We offered a low bid on the house & the counter offer we received was $2,000 below what we had deemed our maximum price. Even with the marker conditions here, we got an unbelievable deal. That means GOD did it! We are able to purchase this without a sale in SD but will need the SD sale to update the plumbing in the new NC house. Owning the SD house free & clear has allowed this freedom. We are attempting to get the SD house on the market. A group from Whiting Iowa just went up to help finish the kitchen, downstairs bath and sure up some beams in the basement. We do have a person very interested in the home & he will know soon if it is right for him, (waiting on GOD).

We thank each of you for your love, support & prayers. God is leading us into a new phase of ministry and we are excited to see it unfold. We seek always to follow GOD’S Leading & be used to further HIS Kingdom wherever HE leads us. Please know your love & prayers mean everything to us!        


  • Biker who do not know JESUS CHRIST, open hearts & minds
  • DQ’s health & upcoming surgeries
  • Finding doctors who can work with us & keep us going.
  • Finances: CRM & Personal: The move followed by the NACC was costly to the ministry. The move & the trip to the Cleveland Clinic along with our home purchase have wiped us out personally.
  • Wisdom on events & opportunities.
  • House Closing: mid September


  • Prayer Warriors
  • Financial Supporters
  • Sugar’s Van has been sold for scrap & she has to rely on public transportation.  This is very difficult for her condition (paraplegic). We continue to raise funds.


Greetings in the precious all sufficient Name of JESUS CHRIST. We are always in awe at this time of year as GOD displays HIS Creative Power in bringing the world back to life after its winter sleep. How fitting that we celebrate the resurrection of our LORD at this time of year. Springtime here in North Carolina is splendid and this year has been extra special perhaps in part due to what GOD is doing in our life and ministry. We are thrilled to report that DQ has had a major health improvement from March until now. Many have been praying specifically that GOD would heal the 8" of colon that is infected in DQ's body. In late February, his GI doctor put him on steroid therapy for 9 weeks. We believe God has answered our prayers and used this and HIS Touch to heal DQ. He is feeling better than he has in 17 month! Thanks you JESUS for this healing.

Daytona Bike Week, March 10-18 was very different for us this year as an era ended for the tent ministry. Due to many factors which include diminishing crowds, changing traffic patterns  and DQ's health, we made the decision to not set up the big tent. We spent the 9 day event ministering in a variety of ways from showing the JESUS Bike (3rd place win), street ministry, preaching at His Laboring Few Motorcycle Ministry Tent to loving on people wherever we rode. As all our supporters know, DQ&Beth both have 'the gift of gab' so sharing with people is not a problem. The JESUS Bike always gathers a crowd and we try to be faithful to share GOD'S Love for the lost through the message the bike communicates. So every day was full of making the most of the divine opportunities that presented themselves. We planted many seeds, water a few seeds that others had planted and prayed with people trusting GOD to give the increase. We also tried to encouraged every Christian we saw. We held the Prayer Walk on the first Saturday. We gathered at the old CRM tent location, Beachside Auto Parts on Main Street, and walked the downtown street praying for individuals we saw in the crowd, the town, the vendors and for the spiritual battle that waged all around us. As always, it was a very blessed time for all of us. After Daytona, we headed to North Carolina and attended the semi-annual CBA Swap Meet in Charlotte March 24-25. This was the 21st year for us at this event! What a blessing to have the history we do with the people there. The weather was pretty rough that weekend if you were a biker with cold rain on Friday and Saturday morning and just cold on Sunday. Nevertheless, the large crowd on Saturday surprised all of the vendors. We spent the day sharing JESUS with everyone that came our way. Last fall at this event, Gene 'Bones' Boswell of Lost Souls Ministries joined us and GOD placed upon his heart to expand the outreach that we have for the children. (We have Bibles, coloring and activity books, Christian toys and such for the kids.) Bones' ministry is often centered on youth so he set up outside with a bounce house, games and program including puppets for the children. Years ago we did this type of outreach at this event, had much success with it but lost our 'youth team' and had to discontinue. It was a blessing to have Lost Souls Ministry there for the little people and also to let the world see the 2 ministries working together. Bones plans to continue this outreach at future CBA Swap Meets. Unfortunately, the attendance Sunday was very dismal and made for a slow day for all do us. We prayed for vendors and talked to those we could. The JESUS Bike was set up all weekend in the Bike Show Building. As usual, it attracted a bunch of attention. To us, this shows the favor GOD has placed upon the ministry effort of the show bike. It is a rare thing to see a Christian themed bike in any of the bike shows which points to the need of the JESUS Bike. God gave us the vision for this bike and provided brothers and sisters to help us make the vision a reality. Is it then any wonder that HE constantly uses this ministry tool to win people to HIMSELF? In the end, we were blessed with a 1st place trophy. 

We are now rested up from the winter events and looking toward the next few months worth of work that we have. The most pressing is one of those 4 letter words that strike dread in us all, a M-O-V-E. (If you are hearing about this move for the 1st time, please visit the CRM webpage to get the whole scoop.)  DQ&Beth plan on leaving Kernersville North Carolina in the RV pulling an empty 22' ministry trailer on April 18. Once back in Highmore, South Dakota we will begin sorting, selling and packing things. On May 18, Jan & Richard 'Spider' Johnson and Barry 'Bear' Bingham will fly out to help load the 2 Penske trucks and then drive them back across country to NC. They plan on arriving in NC on May 26 and will need help unloading on May 27. If you can help with this, please call or email Spider at 336-302-8684 or  We expect the move to cost approx $5600 and we do need help! We have had 2 churches commit to help for a total of $1100 so we need $4500 more. Please help with whatever you can and know that every dollar will make a difference.  We understand fuel prices have everyone's budget strapped so you can empathize with the $2,600 cost of the fuel alone for this move. Once the moving trucks have left, DQ&Beth will stay on through the month of June to prepare the Outreach Center and house for ownership transfer. They will then drive the RV and ministry trailer load with the garage back to NC on June 29. Since last month, GOD has laid it upon our hearts to seek for someone to take over the Outreach Center so the work that has been done for the Kingdom will continue. Please join us in prayer that the right person(s) will surface and that GOD will send a like-minded vision to this person or persons. We do not want the Kingdom Work begun there to be in vain. The young people still need the Teen Center desperately, just because it is not CRM place to finish it does not mean the work should be abandoned. It is exciting to wait to see what GOD is going to do in this area! On our house, we are less clear on what GOD intends to do with it so pray with us that GOD will reveal that to us as well. During June, we have asked for laborers to come and help us on these 2 projects. David & Chris Walker, First Christian Church of Clearwater Fl are coming for the better part of June to help. A Extreme Makeover Mission Team from Tomoka Christian Church, Ormond Beach FL  is coming approx. June 20-27 to put a whipping on the house.(It needs it extremely!) We still need workers so it is not to late to plan on coming. With DQ's health, we are very limited as to what we can accomplish by ourselves and we can not take the chance of getting DQ ill again. If you can come for any amount of time, please call us at 605-478-0230. We will bunk you in the house on an air mattress and do group meals in the Grace Bible Church Kitchen. Please pray for GOD to send the labors and to bless and protect those who are already committed to coming. Also, pray for DQ&Beth as they go back. It will be a very emotional time. Even though we know it is GOD'S Will that we surrender this dream for the Kingdom, does not mean it is easy. This was our once-in-a-lifetime-dream home and to be the last home we ever owned so you can imagine the emotions that are involved. But, we do consider this all joy for the sake of the Kingdom. "But whatever things were gain to me, those things I have counted as loss for the sake of Christ. More than that, I consider all things to be a loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing CHRIST JESUS my LORD, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and count them but rubbish in order that I might gain CHRIST,...that I might know HIM and the power of HIS Resurrection and the fellowship of HIS sufferings, being conformed to HIS Death; in order that I may attain to the resurrection from the dead." (Philippians 3:7,8, 10 11) 

We do look forward to getting this move behind us and getting on with the life and ministry GOD has for us on the East Coast. We have many things in the plans and we know GOD has awesome things awaiting us. HE is organstrating this move and providing a home for us in NC. We know HE is calling us to another level of ministry in this process. We have also seem over the years that the greater the sacrifice for GOD and ministry, the greater the impact it has on people. We pray that the rest of our years contain even greater things than the past 20 years of ministry have held. We will remain people who have vision and look to the greater of what is ahead instead of being satisfied with what GOD has done in the past. We pray GOD blessings upon you as you pray for us and those who GOD is calling to labor alongside of us. May you be encouraged in your walk with GOD. Please know we love each of you and keep you in our hearts. Please feel free, as always, to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions. We remain; In GOD'S Grip.


We trust this letter finds you well and prospering in The Kingdom of Christ’s work. We thank you for your faithful support. We have some very critical news to share with you. Strangely, it is both sad and exciting. As you know, DQ has been very troubled by his health ever since moving to South Dakota in 1999 though some is unrelated to the move itself. In these 12 years he has: fallen off the roof and shattered his heel, undergone a one year chemotherapy type treatment for Hep-C which he was given in the military, had a total hip replacement, an abdominal surgery to repair a ruptured diaphragm, the removal of his colon and 2 ½ years of an colostomy bag and then in September 2011 a reconnection that did away with the colostomy bag. The last 3 surgeries were within 6 years and he almost died in each instance. GOD has been very good to DQ and is indeed our Great Physician. Even so, with his 62nd birthday just passing on January 7, ministry on a whole has become more difficult than it was 21 years ago when we began. This past summer, DQ continued to decline and we were unable to get a clear diagnosis from the VA in Sioux Falls , SD. After fasting and prayer, in September, GOD led us to seek out new doctors in Winston-Salem NC . We have a supporting church in nearby Kernersville as well as family in the area. This led to DQ being diagnosed with several autoimmune system diseases; ulcerative colitis, hyperthyroidism and the Hep-C. There are no cures for these but they can be kept under control by minimizing stress, travel, having a great diet and access to his medical team. To continue on the same path and schedule we have kept for 21 years will mean that Heaven will not have long to wait for DQ. While none of us know that date when we will meet JESUS, we do have choices that can sometimes hasten or delay the inevitable. We feel somewhat as the Apostle Paul in Philippians 1:22 when he stated, “if I am to live on in the flesh, this will mean fruitful labor for me.” We choose life.

We know GOD moved us to South Dakota 12 years ago. HE gave us a clear vision of restoring a historical home there as well as helping to meet the town’s spiritual needs through a coffee house/teen center dubbed the Outreach Center . We are closer than ever before in completing the projects of the house and Outreach Center . This is due to the support and hard work of many of our supporters around the country who have donated time, money, materials and travel to South Dakota to see the projects through. We continue to have little to no help in Highmore and GOD has brought it to our attention that even upon finishing the Outreach Center , we will still have little to no help in its day to day operations.    

Through these realizations from GOD, the prayers of many and the wisdom of our Board of Directors, GOD has laid on our hearts that it is time to move to North Carolina . It is with a sad heart that we leave the high plains but GOD’S Voice has been very clear. GOD told Abram in Genesis to get up and go to a land that HE would show to Abram. We feel the same calling. The building and related equipment will be sold and the money used within Christian Riders Ministry. Our house will be sold and the funds used to purchase a home for us in the Kernersville, NC area. The ministry building is actually at a good place to sell. All the wiring and sheetrock has been finished upstairs and in 2/3rds of the downstairs. Both areas are open and can be converted to any use by whoever purchases it. While the upstairs lack flooring and electrical fixtures this can be fitted to use by the next owners. We would like to have a mission group to come up and finish the sheetrock in the remaining 1/3 of the downstairs so we can maximize the profit which we feel is being good stewards. There are also 3 fixed pane windows that need to be replaced in the front to make a great first impression as well as the flooring replace downstairs. We also need the funds for these purchases as our Building Fund stands at $250. Our home is in need of 3 mission groups to finish up with the materials we have on hand. The house needs sheetrock hung/finished, hardwood flooring sanded/stained, bathroom and kitchen tile laid and some windows reworked.  The cost of living is much higher in NC and we need to maximize the house so we can purchase a home back east debt free. The moving team is scheduled for May 18-26. We will not accompany the movers back to NC but stay on through the month of June for the mission groups that can come. This will allow the spaces will be open and uncluttered for the work to progress. We do have air mattresses for the mission teams and we have the air & heat in the house. Grace Bible Church is always wonderful about us using their facilities for meals. We estimate the move costing around $6,000. We are stepping out in faith knowing GOD is going to provide all our needs according to HIS riches in CHRIST JESUS. At present, we do not know where the trucks will unload but that is up to GOD to provide. HE will provide a home for us or we will live in the motorhome until such a time as HE does provide. We walk by faith and not by sight knowing HE is more than willing and able to provide as we walk in obedience. Without help, we will not be able to do what is needed to sell the house as DQ’s life and health is much more precious. If you are interested in coming to help, please call us! All dates between May 25 and June 30 are presently open.    

While we join many grieving the loss of this dream, we know that GOD intends to continue to use us. Our focus must always be on GOD and the plan HE unfolds for our life. CRM will continue strongly but shrink our focus from a nationwide ministry to a more regional East Coast ministry. With our borders shrunk, we can continue to attend weekend regional event which are growing in size. The winter tours in Florida will continue as the doors remain open to us there. Also continuing will be the showing of the JESUS BIKE and being a presence for sharing JESUS CHRIST with the biker community. We also know that we are entering a stage in life where we will be disciplining and raising up people to go forth with the Gospel. When traveling further than the region, plane travel will minimize the effects on DQ.  His doctors feel he can handle this and keep himself well yet still be close to his physicians when a flair-up occurs. GOD has already open doors for these things to take place and we know HE is laying out the path for us to walk upon. All we have ever wanted was to be available and useful to the LORD. While saying good-bye to people and dreams is never easy, we are quite excited as to what GOD is going to do through and with CRM and the Ambassadors program in the future.  

We invite you to help in whatever ways GOD lays upon your hearts. Please know each of our supporting churches and supporters are precious to us. It is difficult to express the deep connection and affection we have with each of you. We thank you for your prayers, support, love and encouragement. Together, we have served GOD well and it is our prayer and desire to continue to do so. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We have always sought to be accountable to you and will continue to do so. We love you all and together, we will finish well!

Our winter tour has been awesome. We came to Florida December 23 and spent CHRISTmas with the Staley Family. (Marilyn is a director for CRM but more than that, the whole family is really our extended family.) Our celebration also included Sugar Farrell, our sister in Zephyrhills. We attend Thunder by the Bay in Sarasota FL January 6-8. We spent the weekend sharing CHRIST to the 130,000 biker that were gathered there. (We may not have gotten to speak to all of them but we sure tried. LOL) On Sunday, the JESUS Bike was displayed in the Bike Show and took second place. We gave out about a dozen Bibles and shared with people until our voices were nearly gone. We count it as quite a successful event. In October 2011, at Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach FL , we were invited to show the JESUS bike in an upcoming 2012 Florida Motorcycle Expo& Biker Builder Invitational. Pictures can be seen at  Page 27: top right  (Look for the lady in pink.) and on page 28: bottom JESUS Bike is the first bike on the right. (think pink!) left. WARNING: There are pictures of women in skimpy bikinis.

Even being in this show is quite an honor as only 40 motorcycles from around the world were invited to attend. We spruced up the JESUS Bike and spent the weekend of January 27-29 loving on people, sharing the Gospel Message that the bike so beautifully illustrates and giving away Bibles. You can not imagine our shock when we were the first name called among the winners. GOD has now elevated this motorcycle to an international platform as we shared the stage with famous bike builders, many of whom need the LORD JESUS CHRIST as their Lord and Savior. We have several more shows coming up during Bike Week in Daytona Beach , FL March 10-18. Please join us in prayer that the HOLY SPIRIT continues to draw people to our irresistible LORD JESUS.  



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